IGI2 and SD v2.9

Wow, i installed the latest patch for IGI2 and to my suprise the version number is now v2.90.040 and my so called 1-1 back up no longer works. Can anyone confirm how this new version works and will it be copyable in the near future? I havent even seen a no-cd patch for it yet either so maybe its a tuff one?.
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PS i copied this game originally with a liteon 48x24x48 writer and A120%.

You have to uninstall alcohol. The new safedisk version has blacklisted it.

So are you saying that people with the original disc have to uninstall A120% before you can play your brought game? I dont think this would be right?
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What they’re doing is illegal! People are free to choose which burning software they want to use. Alcohol 120% is not only used for illegal purposes. Many people buy and use it to backup their own titles.
The Alcohol’s blacklist will be removed some day…

the original should still work

I was under the impression that it hasnt black listed Alcohol 120% per se, just the Alcohol 120%'s data that it writes into the pregap of SafeDisc 2.x titles.

Because no CD copying program actually reads the pre-gap info (other than Disc Juggler to my knowlege), CloneCD doesnt, Alcohol 120% writes its own because it knows whats supposed to be in there, and lastly diskdump/fireburner where fireburner writes its own pre gap information.

PS - All this I read from other posts in CDFreaks.

I would say it blacklists CCD’s hide cdr option. Alcohol 1.4.2 and DT 3.32 do the job very nicely.
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