IGI 2 ritarda



da bravo Beta Test Italiano della Codemaster vi informo che:

Hi Luix

First of all, this update is a long time coming, so we apologise for that,
hopefully information
will not be so scarce from here onwards.

As you know, the Beta Test has been delayed due to work on the netcode not being
Developing a high-quality FPS multiplayer experience is a real challenge, but
one the dev team
at Innerloop has taken on with a vengeance! They’ve been working flat out on the
code, but some
QA issues, mainly with server code, have held us back.

To cut a long story short, the game is officially delayed until September. As I
stated on the
forum a couple of weeks ago, there will be a full and proper Beta Test - this
has not changed.
We realise this is frustrating for those of you that want the game now, but both
and Innerloop are committed to a high-quality product. As most of you know, that
is not always
easy, but Codemasters have complete confidence in Innerloop’s ability to deliver
the goods!

One of the main reasons for this delay is that we want to ensure the Beta Test
process is handled
professionally and effectively. We value the forum opinion greatly, as you know
some forum
suggestions have already made it into the game. Richard Blenkinsop, Senior
External Producer here
at Codemasters, has also asked me to thank all of you in the Test Group for your
assistance and suggestions for IGI2’s development, it is recognised and
definitely appreciated by
us all.

Sorry for the delay, but we are confident it’s the right decision.

Here’s to IGI2!

Shoot you soon

Jim Brown
Game Designer
IGI2: Covert Strike


cmq x gli SFEGATATI dello sparatuttto…il 2 giugno arriva in italia


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