.IFO's & .VOB's Files?

Can someone explain to me wat r IFO’s & VOB’s Files?

Do You need them to copy and burn DVD’s?

So the sound will be exact as the actions?

‘VOB’ is a contraction of ‘Video OBject’, and these are the files that contain the actual audio-visual content of the DVD-Video. There are also various bits of information added that help with navigation (chapters, fast-forward jump points etc).

‘IFO’ is a contraction of ‘InFOrmation’ files and this is where all the really critical information about playback behaviour, and particularly navigation through the film, is stored. It contains a massive amount of relevant data and includes many pointers to screen aspect ratio, whether it’s PAL or NTSC, camera angles, menu links, etc.

Having said that, and to get to your second question: the synchronisation of audio and video is dependent on how these two components are weaved together in the VOBs. The IFO file has nothing to do with this.

Basically if you want to play the material on a strictly DVD-Video standard basis: then yes, you need IFO, BUP (BackUP of IFO file), and VOB files.

You can rip just the audiovisual content with something like DVD Decrypter in IFO mode, and if your DVD player will play bare MPEG2 files then you don’t need the IFO file content and the synchronisation of audio and video will still be correct.

ok cheers ur a star ;), actually im Decrypting so i can get IFO Files and hopefully ill get my DVD copy spot on lol.