IFOFormat 22

Granted, I am new to this, however, I am getting an error:
IFOFormat 22 when I try to burn from a VIDEO_TS folder.

Can someone please clue me in…


Please give some more information. What DVD are you trying to backup? What hardware do you use?

If you own CloneDVD, send an email to bugs at elby . ch

Burning from a VIDEO_TS folder is what I’m trying to do to get around problems with Gigli and The Runaway Jury. I’m up to gragging the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVd to the hard drive.

I have started a thread on this.

I have just purchased the Lite-On DVDRW LDW-811S. This is my first attempt at backing up movies. I have noticed several DVD Copy software titles out there and I am currently evaluating this one.

I am trying to back up Dickey Roberts. I have, in the VIDEO_TS folder, VTS_TS.BUP, .IFO, .VOB then VTS_0*.BUP, IFO, VOB, etc. 1-7.

What software did you use to rip the Video_TS to your harddisk?

I cant get CloneDVD2 to burn any files already encoded in my DVD/VIDEO_TS folder… The files were encoded by DVDShrink, Nero has no problem burning them when I use the app rather than Shrinks built in burner… I simply go to ‘Write Existing Data’, choose the folder the video files are in and try to burn… (Note: Im able to re-encode the files with CloneDVD2 and then burn them)…

I get the following error:

After tinkering around a bit, I noticed that my video files are in DVD Temp folder and the VIDEO_TS folder in that directory is empty… If I place the files in the VIDEO_TS folder, they will burn…

CloneDVD2 wont look in the path that I specify, instead it will always look in the VIDEO_TS folder…

It was ripped in CloneDVD but I was trying to burn it in the new CloneDVD2.

Anyone else unable to have CloneDVD2 look in the folder where the DVD files are stored rather than always insisting to look in the VIDEO_TS folder…