Ifoedit "somethings wrong" click ok?

Had a error that apeared when I went to get the vts sectors and to correct them in ifoedit. A error came up “something is wrong the file size is too big” something like that. I clicked ok a couple of times, and apeared that it didn’t correct the vts sectors,so I closed ifoedit and started again,this time it corrected it with no problem.
It wasn’t until I viewed the final burnt dvd that part of the movie was missing.
Wondering if ifoedit has caused the missed movie parts after I clicked ok to the error? Please help thanks.

Its possible what you did by mistake is delete part of the movie. With ifoedit you can delete scenes. I use it sometimes to delete FBI warnings at the beginning of dvds, so you may have deleted a portion by mistake. The best thing to do is always create a backup of your ifos (the program can do that for you). I’ve learned this the hard way.