IfoEdit question


I want to backup a movie while getting rid of some warnings.

The movie has 3 titles corresponding to VOBs 01_xx, 02_xx, 03_xx

03_xx is the main movie
02_xx are the menus
01_xx the warnings I want to get rid of

I tried delete playback on the corresponding IFO but didn’t succeed in removing everything.

Any other options? Can I remove VOB’s 01_xx altogether and rename 02_xx and 03_xx to 01_xx and 02_xx respectively?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

try using titleset blanker.

Thanks! Any ideas how I can do the same thing with IfoEdit?

ifoedit isn’t really the best thing to use for such a purpose. you can use it in conjunction with some other programs to do so, but it’s much better (and easier) to use a tool like titleset blanker or vob blanker.