IFOEDit not working, I think!


I’m following the Digital Digest’s guide to backing up DVD’s and I’m going for creating 2 DVD’s from the one for the sake of the quality.

The guide says get ifoedit, which I did.

Use DVDdecrypter to get the files onto the hard drive. Which I did.

Point ifoedit at the appropriate file - seems to be video_ts.ifo in this case - and I did that.

Ifoedit loaded it all up with screens of info.

Then it says click on ‘split to 2 dvd-r’s’ on VOB Extras. That menu choice is available on the drop down menu but when I click on it absolutely nothing happens. It is not ‘grayed out’, it is available.

There are other menu choices, both on the top bar menu and the buttons on the bottom, that do get a reaction and seem to be working fine.

I am running winXP.
Ifoedit is version 0.96

Does anyone have any clues?

Am I using it wrongly?
Is it not compatible with XP?



ab :slight_smile:

Latest version of Ifoedit is 0.971, he fixed a lot of bugs with that release. I’d also suggest that you load in the video_0x.0.ifo file rather than the video_ts.ifo

Vobblanker (freeware) is really good for this and the guide on the vobblanker website is very easy to follow.

IIRC the latest versions do not always work correctly with XP. I have a feeling that older versions tend to be more compatible, for some strange reason…

You have you select the VTS_0x_0.ifo (not the TS file) for splitting a title. Mostly like chickman said above, then choose the split option a dialog box will pop up. Then choose the two directories you want it to go into. It works fine in xp for me and many others. Also make sure you have 0.971 (the last version available).