IFOEDIT - make new chapters?

First, is this the right forum?

I need to know how to create new chapters (every 5 minutes)
against a complete DVD folder that was generated via
NeoDVD and resized (downward) with DVDSHRINK.

I have tried “Create IFO’s”, Get VTS Sector, VOB Extras,
and Menu Extras, but, I always wind up with the same
chapters as before, which is only ONE (chapter 1 - that’s all).

There must be a simple step-by-step way to take a complete
DVD folder (with the two ifo files, a bup file, and the vob
files) that is compliant and ready to burn or be played
with PowerDVD, and make just one change - make
a new chapter for every 5 minutes of video, given
that there is only ONE CHAPTER to start with.

What happens is that NeoDVD is really a good and solid
program than encodes a live video stream in real time,
creates all the DVD-related files while it goes for as much
harddrive space you have, and, when you stop, it cleans
things up for a few seconds and presto, you have a
solid DVD folder on you harddrive ready to go.

It is usually too large, so I use DVDSHRINK which takes
about 20-30 minutes, but that also works like a champ.

The result can be played with PowerDVD, or burned to
a disc and played on stand alone dvd player - BUT,
there is ONLY ONE CHAPTER. I am thinking that
NeoDVD kept it very simple in their approach, and,
that is commendable because it really works good.

So, if anyone can help me figure out how to get IFOEDIT
to massage this good DVD folder so that there is one
chapter for every 5 minutes of video, please reply.

I have already tried the options mentioned above many
times in various configurations - IFOEDIT does a lot of
work and rebuilding and reporting and makes me think
it is really going to town with it - but, after all is done,
I still have only ONE chapter - blast.



Tmpgenc DVD author will do this.

Go to source setup, then add DVD video. Browse to the folder where the DVD files are and load them. You can then add chapters where ever you want.

Thanks, Active8,

I downloaded the 30-day trial version of TMPgenc Authoring
and loaded my dvd video (1hr35min) and clicked
on “chapter cut edit” and selected the option that
creates chapters at a selected interavl (I chose
5 minutes). Amazingly, it created 20 chapters
at 5 minutes intervals, but, when I click “OK”,
then I get this error:

“The source range has not been selected properly”

I do not see any button or option for
for “selecting the source range”, whatever
that is. If by source range, they mean
the whole movie, then I want to select
the entire movie; but, if they mean the
source range for any particular chapter,
then would I have to go through each
of the 20 chapters selecting a from and
to point?

Confused and stumped,


I see how to set the range (for the whole movie) and
tmpgenc created a new dvd folder with the 20 chapters.
It works good, but, it increased the total size slightly,
but, just enough to go over the disc limit, and, it copied
the entire vob’s to another folder.

So, here is what seems to be the whole process.

!) capture an incoming video stream with NeoDVD.
This happens in real time but creates a dvd
folder with ONE chapter and about 40% more
quailty and size than is needed.

  1. Use TMPgenc to create the chapters (5 min intervals)
    This works but copies all the vob’s to another folder.

  2. Use DVDShrink to reduce the whole thing so
    it will fit onto a disc. (yet another copy of
    the whole vob’s to another folder).

This winds up with a good dvd folder with 5min interval
chapters that will fit onto a disc, but requires an extra
30 min to hour AFTER stopping the live capture.

This is a valid alternative to using a standalone recorder
to +RW and copying that to a harddrive. I cannot tell
the difference visually, but, I see what is needed here
is for NeoDVD (or some other card/program combo)
to do it right from the begiining. Just make the vob
capture at 5 mbits/sec w/5min interval chapters
right from the start - the way the standalone does
(Unforturnately, I don’t think NeoDVD can do that).

There are a lot of capture/encoding/card/program
offerings out there, but none of them will give
details enough so that I can know before the
purchase if they will do that.

One alternative found, still looking,


I was able to get TMPGenc to create chapters from an existing
DVD folder (VOB’s, IFO’s), but, I see that I am going to have
to abandon NeoDVD and use a better capture card that
will likely ONLY produce an mpg file (mpeg2). So I went
ahead and used NeoDVD to capture to a *.mpg file
(instead of a complete DVD folder), and I went to TMPGenc
Authoring to let it create the DVD folders and set the
chapter points, but, when I selected “add file”, and
selected the *.mpg file I had just created, I got
the following error message:

" A video sequence header is necessary for every GOP
in a stand DVD"
“The video sequence header is incorrect”

The details suggest I use TMPGenc Source Creator
by “Select format”, but, I didn’t see that option

Do I need more TMPGenc components? The only
component I downloaded was “Authoring”.

Am I going wrong trying to use TMPGenc to
create my VOB’s from a MPG file?

(I also tried DVDLabs, but got a different error-blast)