IFOEDIT Losing Some Audio Streams

When I use IFOEDIT to create IFO’s and new VOBs from ripped VOBs, I have 2 ac3 streams on some of the VOBs, and LPCM on others. When I create a new VOB consisting of several VOBs with different audio streams, IFOEDIT only lists the 2 ac3 streams for stream stripping, and doesn’t reflect the LPCM streams for some of the VOBs. The end result is that the VOBs with the LPCM audio have no sound on the final VOB, but the ac3 ones have both 2 and 6 channel available.

How can I get IFOEDIT to recognize that some of the VOBs have audio other than ac3 which I want to keep? (By the way, if I create an IFO and VOB using just the one or two VOB files with the LPCM audio, IFOEDIT lists the LPCM as the audio available for stream stripping … so I know IFOEDIT can handle LPCM.)


good question but I don’t know how to do it.
Give a try whit DVDSplit or DVD2ONE, another good software is DVDXCOPY.
I hope it works
good luck