Ifoedit Errors In Xp - Some Help Please

When i try to make DVD Author in IfoEdit 0.95 and after i choose video, audio, sub. and chapters (cell times) I click OK windowsXP give me a error !!! IfoEdit.exe has encountered a problem and need to close. We are sorry:( for the inconvenience.


Send Error Reports ---------------------- Don´t Send.

I try compability to to Windows95 Windows98 Windows2000 and nothing

Please give me some help :bow:


I had this problem also… i cant exsplane why but it worked for me…
Im asuming that klick on the VOBextras button on the bottom… try using the FOB extras tab at the top, after that, it worked for me… no idea why… :rolleyes:


the chapter file is named celltimes.txt ?

do you have strange paths to the files? i had long paths with blanks and ! and so and it would not work, renamed and it was just fine. donno why.

i am also using XP & ifoedit for DVD authoring but I use the VOBEXTRAS to select my movie / special feature that I want to
either strip out subtitles, foreign languages etc. There is a good page for IFOEDIT at http://mpucoder.kewlhair.com/derrow/#Faq

ofcorse its a good ifoedit page
its derrows site and derrows progie :slight_smile:

also see ifoedit.com