IFOEDIT / dvdFab

Hi everyone.
This is my first post.

I’ve been searching around, but cannot find anyone else having the same problem.

I have all my dvd’s backed up with dvdfab. But I have modified some of my ifo files with editing tools trying to get subtitles more readable.
The original dvd is all scratched up and will not load anymore, and the backup dvd is burned with the modified ifo files.

The Problem.
When I create a new set of ifo files with ifoedit, everything is working OK in mediaplayer and my Pioneer DVD player. But I cannot load the dvd anymore in dvdfab. Sometimes it just shutdown, and sometimes I get 100% cpu usage for several minutes before I have to kill the app.


Try using FixVTS on the modified files that are on your HDD.

I have tried FixVTS, but I’m only able to select *.VOB files, and those are not modified.

Select a VOB file and then select the full disc. The IFO files will be corrected.

it worked, but now I have all bold grenn subtitles, but I know how to fix them now - thank you

after running FixVTS the dvdFab is able to load the project, but now the subtitles are out of sync??
Using MOVKIT to open the project and convert to iphone works ok, but dvdFab is not able to open the ifo

anyone seen something like this?