IFOEDIT authoring - NO SOUND



I used IFOEDIT’s authoring feature to create a dvd folder
from a good m2v AND mp2 file, but the resulting
vob’s have no sound. I know the mp2 has sound because
I played it with windows media player and heard the good
soundtrack. What could I have done wrong? (I tried
3 times to be sure - NO SOUND).

Any help?


I did more research and found a free program called
BeSpliced (part of the IFOEDIT offerings) and it
fixes mp2 sound problems. After using it, the resulting
DVD is just fine with sound and no sync problems
(but I had to rename the sound file extension
to be m2a instead of mp2 also).

Problem solved.



You shouldn’t really use IFOEdit’s authoring feature, its not very good and I don’t think it works at all for NTSC. Glad you got it working but you should really look into using a real program for authoring for compatibility. Theres DVDLab + TMPG DVD Author for low end, and DVDMaestro + Scenarist for high end. Good luck.



Your right, MLS, and I use tmpgenc most of the time.
My problem is, about 20% of my mpeg2 captures
are deemed “non-compliant” by both tmpgenc AND
dvdlabs, and I cannot get either of them to create
the DVD folder with these non-complinat mpeg2’s
(the reason for this has eluded me, even after
extensive research, but I now suspect somehow the
audio portion of the capture gets messed up, because
bespliced always indicates a sound error at byte 384
when I have a non-compliant mpeg2 file).

The result is not quiet as good as tmpgenc, though,
because NeoDVD would NOT burn the DVD to
disk (it kept saying the size was too large for
a disc - which is false, but, what can I do?)
So I have to use NERO to burn these DVD folders,
and the result works ok in my DVD players but
fails when I try to view them on my PC - yet another

If there were some top-notch program that would
examine an mpeg2 file and report back what exactly
is wrong with it and why it is non-compliant and also
give me a feasable way to correct it, now that would
be the ideal solution.



Hmm, try Canopus MPEGcraft maybe?



You should aways convert your mp2 audio to AC3 anyway for best compliance. Both are the same size at the same bitrate. Demux your captured mpeg2 files (use TMPGEnc or MPEG2VCR) and convert your mp2 audio to ac3 using ffMPEGgui.