IFO/VOB files help

Hi All. Im new to this forum and also to DVD copying. Im trying to copy a DVD-R to another DVD-R disc. I have used DVD Decrypter to copy the files to my hard drive. The files are IFO, VOB and BUP. This doesnt really mean much to me. When im using CloneDVD to transfer the files to my DVD-R disc. It wont work. There is an error saying “error opening video files from (the folder where they are) DVDmanager 5 1 IFOFormat 15”. I have had a little look on the internet to try and get help but am totally confused. I keep on reading about ISO files.

Can anyone help me?



I take it that the files are small enough to fit on a DVD-R as I see you are copying from the same size medium. Since you are using DVD Decrypter, the easiest way is to useMode_ ISO Read to copy the files and Mode_ISO Write to burn them. No need to use any other program. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

can anyone help? i am using clonedvd with anydvd running and i copy back ups to my originals and about 1 in 5 i have a error message about vob 23. please could anyone help, im about to through my treasered computer out of the window. help please

What is the version number of AnyDVD and CloneDVD that you use?
What type of media you employ?