IFO mode problem

Important question.

I ripped in IFO mode of decrypter. I indepently ripped each video stream.
I have all these sets of VOB files with ifo files (VTS_01_PGC_01_1.vob, VTS_01_PGC_01_2.vob, VTS_01_PGC_01_3.vob, VTS_01_PGC_01_4.vob and VTS_01_0.IFO for example. Problem is that it for some reason it never created a video_ts.ifo or vidoeo_ts.vob.

I’m trying to use dvd shrink and it won’t load the video data unless there is a video_ts.ifo file…

Why didn’t decrypter make these files in ifo mode? Can I just make my own somehow?

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Don’t know exactly what you are up to, but I think in addition to those files you’ll will have to copy .IFO and .BUP files also, because they contain the info about your original movie.
Then you can use PgcEdit to modify those files.

Please read PgcEdit guides carefully.