IFO mode in dvddecrypter & DVD2One

has any1 successfully used ifo mode (to remove chapters or audio streams) to rip a DVD and have the DVD2One process it correctly. I tried 3 diff movies and the DVD2One output in each of this case was over 4.37GB. any suggestions?

file mode works perfectly. also, I am doing just the movie and 1 PGC.

tried “The firm”.

used dvddecrypter in ifo mode, selected the movie, 1 audio stream, 1 subtitle stream. deselected last chapter (credits). ripped the stuff.

created new ifos using ifoedit. played the movie in the dvd player of ifoedit. worked fine. the movie was 6.5GB.

ran dvd2one. the resulting size was a tad over 5GB.

re-ran dvd2one on the 5GB video. resulting video was right on the mark: 4.37GB.

Burned using Nero. Played perfectly on my DVD.

looks like if u use ifo mode of dvddecrypter (mainly to delete chapters), u need to run dvd2one twice to hit the right size.