IFO files again!


I’ve surfed google for 2 days but still didn’t find the answer:( I have downloaded DVD files from BitTorent, but the DVD is missing IFO files, and CloneDVD says that it can’t be burned. Onlu BUP and VOB files are id the directory.

So, to fix this I’ve downloaded IFOedit and created IFO files, and CloneDVD now says “Unexpected error. Please be sure that all input files are available and that they represent a properly mastered DVD”

Is there a chance for me to burn the DVD and wotch it on normal DVD player (not PC)??

Thank you.

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Have you reviewed the CD Freaks Forum Rules (http://club.cdfreaks.com/announcement.php?f=74&announcementid=37) and noted comments concerning CopyWrite Material ?


BitTorrent = No help…

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You’ve done the right thing by using IFOEdit to create the IFO & BUP files for you, hopefully in the same folder as the VOB files.

You could download ImgBurn , use it’s build mode to create an ISo image file & then try burning that image with ImgBurn. You may of course be wasting a DVD by doing this but that’s the chance you take.

The 2 previous posters are making assumptions that all BT dowloads are illegal which is not always the case. So without certainty of anything illegal I’m giving you the benefit of doubt here.
Also it’s down to the moderators to make this type of decision & not us regular members. If we have concerns we should report this as a bad post.


Thanx for your answers. I would like to explain the BitTorent situatuion. I have quite large original DVD collection, more then 50. But it’s not always possible in my place to go to the shop and buy a DVD after previewing, the assortment is not that big. So I often download the DVD from the net, burn, evaluate and order in internet. This is the only choice I got if I don’t want to waste money on DVD I will never watch.

I’ll try to build an image with ImgBurn now and try on DVD-RW.

Ksh -

Although what you have explained in your above #5 posting concerning downloading BitTorrent Commercial DVD Movies might be convenient personally for you but your procedure of downloading BitTorrent Commercial DVD Movies violates CD Freaks Form Rules (http://club.cdfreaks.com/announcement.php?f=74&announcementid=37). It might be a good idea for you to review the referenced Forum Rules.


I think you are right here TimC, I have used Bit-Torrent to download Nero 7, the torrent is listed right on their site, that is just one example, but if I am not positive that this is being done illegally, I will not close a thread. I will alway s give the OP the benefit of the doubt. However I will discuss this with the staff and get another opinion.

Not wanting to stir up a hornets nest here but isn’t using P2P or bit torrent to get DVD Files assumeing it is a whole DVD is illegal anyhow? I mean it isn’t like the person is paying for this download? Or am I not seeing something you are alan1476?

Ater discussing this with Senior Staff I have decided to close this thread.

Unfortunately in post #5, the person does admit downloading the movies to preview before buying, but unfortunately if the movies are fore sale, then he’s obviously downloading copyrighted works. As far as I’m aware of, the IFO file contains the structure of a DVD (the way the contents are layed out, the aspect ratio, video parameters, etc), which means that if this is missing, I’m not sure if it is even possible to reconstruct it, at least unlikely in the way the original DVD would have had it. So I am sorry as this does violate forum rules. Please read the rules completely before posting on downloading copyrighted works.