IFO File trouble help asap please>?

I posted this message in the newbie forum but since its an asap question i realized i posted in the wrong spot and here i think is the right spot…

Now i open up clone dvd 2 and locate the Video_TS files. Everything is fine, it has the .UDF files the .IFO files and most importantly the .VOB files.

When i’m 2% into the process an error comes up probably one of the IFO files are wrong because the whole movie is there. I need some help with this and would like it if someone could get back to me asap, i can send the IFO files to someone if they wish i have copied all of them into a seperate folder on my desktop.

Thanks, Brian

“probably one of the IFO files are wrong” was that the error or just an ussumption on your part ?

I also assume your using AnyDVD to do the avtual ripping off the dvd or have your rip it prior to using CloneDVD2 on it ?

Have you checked the dvd surface for contamination or scratches etc. A quick clean with some alcohol on a tissue can help in reading many new dvd’s. Also what Region disk are we talking about, are you in the US, Europe or whereever?

No its not an assumption, i read a topic on this forum before and i’m having the same trouble, the man asked the one with the trouble to e-mail him the IFO files so he could take a look at it. I Live in the US
and i didnt rip it i downloaded it using bit tornado.

While it is 2% into creating dvd files an error message comes up saying:
Creation of dvd was unsuccessful unexpected error
Module 1 navigationpack.cpp 281 TCE

I’d simply use VOBEdit to demux out the Video & Audio streams and reauthor them in TMPGEnc DVD Author. If that it to big for a DVDR, then use CloneDVD, Shrink or whatever.

I am wondering what your saying, i dont know what you mean by vobedit and tmpgenc??

but i gave you the error could you reply again in english?

I’m sorry you can close this topic i’ve just created the dvd i just learned or found out for myself that a dvd image can play on dvd players and there was no need for me to iso bust the dvd in the first place.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: