IFO file DVD help

hey there everyone, hope your all good.

im just needing a weee bit of help, and thought this would be a good place to find it :slight_smile:

i own a digital video camera, which burns straight onto DVD’s. i think i used intervideo winDVD creator 3 to edit the dvd, which has expired, and i cannot use it anymore.

so my problem is this -

  1. i cannot get the chapters off the dvd
  2. i cannot save them on the computer
  3. i cannot edit them

can anyone suggest anything, or an alternative to the winDVD programme?
anyhelp would be much appreciated, as i am tryin to make a DVD as a present for a friend

thank you all!!!

What do you mean by ‘edit’ your DVD?.
If you want rip into your PC you can use DVD Decrypter.
If is for cut parts off, I can suggest MPEG2CUT and for author TMPEGenc DVD Author which is easy and fast.

well, i need to do both, i cant save the videos i took to my computer, so i cant work with them and make my DVD.

sorry, as you can tell, im quite a novice at all this!!!
thank you :slight_smile:

If you plan on working with your videos now and in the future, I suggest you look at mpeg editing softwares, such as Womble Mpeg. There are possibly a few others. Just make sure you look for mpeg editing/authoring softwares…