Ifo-Edit output folder wont delete from HDD


So I’m new to most of this stuff related to DVD converting and burning, but I’ve read a lot of guides. I have various .mkv 1080p movies, that by using AVI2DVD have converted to vob files. I then tried using ifoedit along with the Doom9 guide to make the movie into 2 DVD-R discs. Things were working fine, but I realized while ifoedit was converting the vob files into each individual folder that i had mis-selected the split point, and too much of the movie was being added to disc 1 instead of disc 2. So i clicked the cancel button, the conversion stopped, and then i proceeded to close ifoedit. I then went to the output folder directory to delete the folders ‘disc 1’ and ‘disc 2’ so i could start again, but the folders will not delete! I went into the individual subfolders and deleted the vob files, but when i close windows explorer and reopened it the files returned and continually return. They just wont delete, and ive made sure no program is using them! Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Can anyone help?! Everytime I try and delete any file it says i need to confirm the operation, so i continue as admin, give permission, then it says “you need permission to perform this action” so i click try again. The msg pops back up immediately, prompting me to either try again or cancel, and no matter how many times i press try again, nothing. Im on my admin account, i have full power, i’ve checked in the properties who has access to the folder, nothing works. I eventually hit cancel outta frustration! Any ideas??

Have you rebooted and then tried to delete the files?

If that doesn’t work, google a program called UnLocker.