A person on this forum told me about IFO files and BUP, saying to open the highest KB IFO folder to play the movie. But my Windows Media Player will not open IFO (or BUP) files. ONLY VOB files. While I opened the Video_TS (VOB file) for one copied movie - which worked perfectly - when I try to do it for the other copied movie (Memoirs of a Geisha, in case it makes a difference) it will only run the previews. When it gets to the main menu (where you hit “play movie”) it stops.

As an FYI, I only have Windows Media Player for XP (which wouldn’t work tonight until I downloaded a driver - NVIDIA is the one I chose, but it only has a 30 day free trial)

I have Windows XP and media player 10 and I simply click on the video_ts.ifo file and the DVD opens automatically… Whatever IFO file you click on, media player should automatically launch the DVD properly. As to why it doesn’t work for you, is very strange. What version of WMP do you have?

I couldn’t find a version number anywhere. Just said Windows Media Player (though under my add/remove programs, it appears to be listed as “Viewpoint” Media Player) or at least I think so. I also now just realized that all the copies (on my hard drive) have a bright green band going across them. I don’t know why.

Forget this crap wmp…

Better use an real dvd software player like VLC Tool (FREE) or an commercial one like powerdvd or windvd…

Not the highest size .ifo… The VIDEO_TS.IFO. If you need a free player, why not Google Media Player Classic.