IFO and VRO files do not display

TV programs are burned on DVDs using the Toshiba D-VR600. The files on each DVD disk are vr_mangr.ifo and vr_movie.vro.

Those files are not detected and names displayed using windows explorer on my PC running XP.

If I put these DVDs in other PCs running either XP or Vista then the files are detected and the names are displayed.

Anyone have any idea what could have happened to my PC? It used to detect those files.:doh:

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Shut down all programs and clean your registry with this:


I have a similar problem on my Vista & have posted it before.
I still don’t have a solution.
I beleive it is caused by a corrupted udfs.sys file .
I think even copying this file can corrupt it.
Probably some software installed accesed it & maybe altered it.
I don’t know of any registry setting that will fix this so a registry cleaner probably won’t help.

Maybe you need to close the disc first in order to get it read in xp.

@Mr. Belvedere; The OP posted that the discs are read by other XP & Vista computer just not his.So they probably are closed.
In my case I have only found this type files on a DVD -RW recorded in -VR mode on a standalone.
I think some camcorders also use this format.
I’ve tried both closed & not closed.
I will see if I can find a link to the old topic where my problem was discussed .
Maybe it will help the OP.
The udfs.sys being a possible cause is recent & I haven’t worked with it enough to be sure it is the problem.

Thanks to all of you.

On http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/thread-536183.php it suggests that it is the “cdfs.sys” and not the “udfs.sys”

Need to find a cdfs file to overwrite the one on my system.

@Binkley; Does your XP see the DVD_RTAV folder ?
My Vista wasn’t even seeing this folder .
I copied the udfs.sys & cdfs.sys from a computer with XP pro that can see the folder & files in Windows Explorer.
I used a Linux TRK disc to “paste” them into the System32/drivers folder.
As they wouldn’t paste inside of Windows.
I first “pasted” the udfs.sys by itself.Then rebooted to Windows.
At that point I was able to veiw the DVD_RTAV folder but not the files.
So I did the same with the cdfs.sys but I didn’t “paste” the original udfs.sys back in.
The results are still the same.So I don’t know that the cdfs.sys helped or harmed anything.
I may still try the original udfs.sys back in with the older XP cdfs.sys but haven’t tried this yet.
I also copied the VR_MOVIE.VRO & VR_MANGR.IFO from the DVD -RW disc while it was in the XP Pro to my flash drive.Then plugged the flash drive into the Vista computer.It could see the files.So I transfered them to the HDD.Vista will Play the files this way on VLC & WMP.So Vista doen’t have a problem using the files if it can see them.
Using ImgBurn I have done some further testing to troubleshoot this problem.
These are the results so far:
Using the default Build mode burn ISO9660 + UDF 1.02 whether burned to a - or + RW only the DVD_RTAV folder is visible.
In ISO9660 only the DVD_RTAV folder & the files are visible.
In UDF only the folder & files are not visible.I tried both 1.02 & 2.00 .
2.00 is what my standalone( a rebaged Funai) uses in - VR mode.
So my conclusion at this point is some Vista & XP OS’s can’t read UDF correctly.

With further testing there are some negative results.
The old files from XP cause these problems:
On a DVD compliant format the VIDEO_TS folder no longer shows it’s files when opened.
Windows Live Format doesn’t work.
I put the Vista files back in & the function is back to like it was.
I can no longer veiw the -VR content .I don’t need this as much as I need to veiw DVD compliant format .
So what needs to happen to fix this is for Microsoft to create an update of the udfs.sys , cdfs.sys , & probably the cdrom.sys files that corrects this.

Cholla - No my PC does not see the DVD_RTAV folder.

I copied in the UDFS.sys and CDFS.sys files from a friend’s PC and the problem still exists.

On Microsoft at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/818733 I found this item, [B]Windows XP does not recognize a DVD-RW disc[/B]

It says there is a HOTFIX that fixes the problem BUT that fix was incorporated into SP2 and my XP operating system has all the SPs installed including SP3 so I was afraid to install the HOTFIX after I downloaded it!

Wonder if Microsoft can fix this problem IF I signed up for PAID support!!! :a

As I posted the copied files from my other older computer partly fixed the problem on Vista but caused other problems on testing.
My older XP pro can veiw all the files on both type discs.So it is my workaround.
I would just like my Vista to be able to do the same.I guess someone needs to explain to Microsoft that the reason people use a newer OS is it should do more than the older one.
About a year ago Microsoft had a time for a couple of months where support was free for Vista SP1.So I contacted MS support & worked with a support tech on this for about 4 hours over the same number of calls .He could never find the problem.
I even went as far as doing a “fresh” install of Vista.At least as good as can be done with a preinstalled OS.I had made a backup as soon as I purchased this computer so I could do this if I ever needed to.
Even that did not fix the problem.
The tech finally said that the problem could not be fixed at this time but an update would be done that would.I’m still waiting a year later.
I will get you some numbers of the file versions I used & post them.
In the MS hotfix link these are the files & version from 2003:
13-May-2003 01:42am 5.1.2600.114 64,000 Udfs.sys Non SP
13-May-2003 12:36am 5.1.2600.1222 64,000 Udfs.sys
These are from my computers
Filesfrom xp Pro SP2
cdfs.sys Product version 5.1.2600.2180 size 63kb
udfs.sys Product version 5.1.2600.2674 size 65kb
Vista files
cdfs.sys Product version 6.0.6001.18000 size 69kb
udfs.sys Product version 6.0.6002.18005 size 222kb

@Binkley; I don’t know if these will help but they are the cdfs.sys & udfs.sys from my XP Pro SP2.My OS shows to be virus & malware free.
The way I coped them into Vista was with Linux TRK from my flash drive.
When inside Windows they were always in use so Vista wouldn’t allow the paste to complete.With the Linux disc there was no problem copying them into Windows/System32/drivers.

Archive.zip (127 KB)

@cholla, thanks for the files.

*********** My original post ******************
TV programs are burned on DVDs using the Toshiba D-VR600. The files on each DVD disk are vr_mangr.ifo and vr_movie.vro.

Those files are not detected and names displayed using windows explorer on my PC running XP.

If I put these DVDs in other PCs running either XP or Vista then the files are detected and the names are displayed.

Anyone have any idea what could have happened to my PC? It used to detect those files.:doh:

*************** end ********************

When I first started burning DVDs the default was VR format and the files worked for the first month. Since they used to work I followed that path which was reinforced when I found the MS document that defined a problem just like mine.

Today I started trying other things. I forced the Toshiba to use the “Video” format and generated DVDs on both -rw and -r DVD disks. With this format BUP, IFO, VOB, and IRS files were generated in two different directories on each DVD. My PC detected these DVDs and I played the movies in Real Player, Windows Movie Player and Nero.

I will use this work around rather than fuss around with Microsoft :bow: :bow: :bow:

Thanks again cholla

Your Welcome Binkley ; If you decide to put my files in your XP make a backup copy of your old files just in case you want them .
As I posted my XP Pro reads the -VR recorded DVD -RW with no problem.
My Vista does not & never has.
If Microsoft ever has an Update that fixes this for me I will post it for sure.
One software will see those files on my Vista .It is ISOBuster.It has not been able to complete an extract .I only have the limited version after trial though.
I only have one standalone DVD recorder that does the -VR mode .It is a rebaged Funai named Presidian.I only used the -VR mode to see what it would do.
I usually do all my recording in Video mode.Discs recorded that way work better with all the computers I’ve put them in.
The Funai DVD recorders ( I have 4) do the Video mode with these folders & files:
VIDEO_RM folder with .BUP , .DAT & .IFO files
VIDEO_TS folder with .BUP , .IFO , & .VOB files.
No .IRS files .So I don’t know what those are for.
If you ever need to copy something from one of these on your computer you only need to work with the VIDEO_TS folder & it’s files.At least thats all I’ve ever needed.
I think the VIDEO_RM folder contains the information that lets editing be done even in Video mode.That is editing with the standalone. For example Delete tittle.
The -VR mode is even supposed to allow more editing but all that has to be done on the standalone.The only advantage I have read about for using -VR mode is it is supposed to ignor broadcast flags .As those become more common the -VR feature may be good to have.
Ditto on Microsoft for me it was a waste of time.Except it taught me it was a waste of time.