If your life was a movie what would the soundtrack be?

So, here’s how it works:

  1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
  2. Put it on shuffle
  3. Press play
  4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
  5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
  6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool…just type it in,man!

Opening Credits: Rascal Flatts - I Melt

Waking Up: Three Doors Down - Let Me Go

Falling In Love: The All American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret

Losing Virginity: Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong

Fight Song: Toby Lightman - Devils and Angels

Mental Breakdown: Joan Jett - Bad Reputation :confused:

Flashback: Abba - Take A Chance On Me :o

Final Battle: Brad Paisley - Ticks

Death Scene: Rob Thomas - Ever the Same

Funeral Song: Garbage - #1 Crush

End Credits: Finger Eleven - One Thing

My life would be easy, just run the soundtrack from “Harold and Maude”.

Opening Credits: Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me

Waking Up: Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Falling In Love: The All American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret (out of 804 songs it chose the same one as southern cutie had :eek: )

Losing Virginity: The Offspring - Come Out And Play

Fight Song: Velvet Revolver - Fall To Pieces

Mental Breakdown: Linkin Park - Faint

Flashback: Papa Roach - Not Listening

Final Battle: Linkin Park - What I’ve Done

Death Scene: Aerosmith - Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

Funeral Song: The Killers (ironic…) - Everything Will Be Alright

End Credits: Papa Roach - Forever

Haha, that is pretty nifty :slight_smile:

Did you somehow manipulate this one from under my bed???

I’ll never tell.

argh…the mysterious ways of women :doh:

Exactly. Now get to bed, I am waiting under there for you to get to sleep then I have my fun.

Sounds like a plan…if you feel so compelled, you can wake me up at some point too :wink:

Hehe, I will remember that :wink:

Opening Credits: Enigma - Silent Warrior

Waking Up: Jean-Michel Jare - Tout Est Bleu (translation: Everything is blue) :frowning:

Falling In Love: TV2 - Vi er verden (translation: We are the world) :iagree:

Losing Virginity: Phil Collins - You Can’t Hurry Love :eek: :doh:

Fight Song: Styx - Too Much Time on My Hands

Mental Breakdown: Tori Amos - Jamaica Inn

Flashback: Rickie Lee Jones - The Last Chance Texaco

Final Battle: Eurythmics - This City Never Sleeps

Death Scene: Nora Jones - Turn Me On :eek: :doh:

Funeral Song: Anne Linnet - Du drømmer (translation: You dream) :bow:

End Credits: Styx - Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) :a

Jester covers hand over mouth and runs to toilet

Anyways, I have a ton of MP3s in my collection but I don’t have any sort of Library setup so I will have to get back to you on mine. Should be really interesting though.

Ok, here’s mine from my iPod… yes, all of these things really are on my iPod…

Opening Credits: Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Superstition

Waking Up: Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father (I didn’t even know I had this song… :eek: )

Falling In Love: VNV Nation - Carbon

Losing Virginity: Madonna - Sky Fits Heaven

Fight Song: The Cure - A Night Like This

Mental Breakdown: Teach Yourself Mandarin Chinese - Conversation 2 (where you learn about the verb “to have”) :rolleyes: (That one really is my mental breakdown…)

Flashback: Laibach - Hymn to The Black Sun

Final Battle: Eurythmics - Thorn In My Side

Death Scene: Nine Inch Nails - Getting Smaller

Funeral Song: Morphine - Thursday

End Credits: Stereolab - K-Stars

I guess the soundtrack would be [I]Blast Action Heroes[/I] from [I]Beginner[/I] (formerly known as [I]Absolute Beginner[/I]). :slight_smile:

(It’s German so don’t be surprised if you don’t understand a word of it :p)

Opening Credits: The All American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret

Waking Up: Maroon 5 - Better That We Break

Falling In Love: Kara’s Flowers (aka Maroon 5) - The Fog

Losing Virginity: Better Than Ezra - Good

Fight Song: Metallica - Battery

Mental Breakdown: Uncle Kracker - Please Come Home

Flashback: Garth Brooks - Two Pina Coladas

Final Battle: Maroon 5 - Harder to Breathe

Death Scene: Avril Lavigne - I’m With You

Funeral Song: Chris Issak - Wicked Game

End Credits: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man


Theme from “Monty Python” -eh!!

Opening Credits: Ugly Kid Joe - Cats in the Cradle.

Waking Up: Shaggy - Angel

Falling In Love: Bryan Adams - Have you ever really loved a woman

Losing Virginity: Tia Carrere - Ballroom Blitz

Fight Song: Live - The Dolphins Cry

Mental Breakdown: Gorrillaz - Feel Good Inc

Flashback: Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl

Final Battle: Nick Skitz - French Kiss

Death Scene: Bardot Poison

Funeral Song: Alanis Morrisette - Hands Clean

End Credits: Warrant - Cherry Pie

Ooooh! oooh!
Reincarnation Opening Credits: Metallica - Enter Sandman.
Reincarnation Waking Up: R.E.M. - What’s the frequency Kenneth?

Opening Credits: Jay-Z - 99 problems

Waking Up: Nelly Furtardo - maneater

Falling In Love: Chad Kroeger - hero

Losing Virginity: Angels and Airwaves - do it for me now

Fight Song: Carly Simon - you’re so vain

Mental Breakdown: Akon - lonely

Flashback: Bowling for soup - the bitch song

Final Battle: The fray - how to save a life

Death Scene: Amy Winehouse - Rehab

Funeral Song: Trina - I want my ass smacked

End Credits: Cascada - Miracle

Easy: The Logical Song by SuperTramp