If you won $1,000,000 what would you do with it?

If you won One Million dollars, what would you do with it?

$500K of the best weed + $500K of porn, and watch it on my 14" TV while getting stoned.

Cryo! I wanna by like Fry on Futurama! :slight_smile:

Pay off my own mortgage loan and buy a bigger appartment. Then pay off my mom’s mortgage loan and give the same amount of money to my dad. I think the money is gone then…

Pay all bills.

I would need more money to realize that. :sad:

^^ wow, i don’t have all those bills.

i’ll buy a house at first, then a car, then buy the most powerful computer that the rest can afford.

Put it in the bank and harvest intrest, till I stop studying.

I doubt you could ever be like fry on Futurama.
Fry is 1) Dumb and 2) Unskilled in anything.

I on the other hand will buy a small island in the pacific that has a permanent source of fresh water and drag my girl over there, build a house and live happily ever after on coconuts and typhoons :iagree:

Well he’d be perfect then;):stuck_out_tongue:


But he gets to live 1000 years in the future and talk with Leonard Nimoy’s head! :slight_smile:

I think I would invest 90% of it into real estate, NY now has a ~12:1 ratio on reality and the income you make will earn you back your money in 4 years and then you have a gold mine collecting by renting out. The other 10% I would spend on myself, family, friends & maybe even a charity or medical science.

i would buy a new case

and if im not winning the 1.000.000 i would buy it as well… :wink:

… and with the rest… i would buy… a car… all cds of my favourite bands (and that is a lot :D)… and with the rest, ~5 $, i don’t know…

I’d have places for residence and travel at several cities around the world.

But I actually voted this: Buy an Island in the South Pacific and use it to make your very own Jurassic Park movie.

I watched Jurassic Park, The Lost World, again yesterday. :slight_smile:

Pay off all bills…then buy a burger with the change.

I guess you have very sound fiscal management :wink:

oh yeah, it’s called “Hide under the bed until the bad men go away” plan :slight_smile:

I’d use it to buy more lotto so I can really hit the big one! :cool:

Porsche 911 Twin Turbo…and a hooker to wrestle with in a pool of Pepto Bismol. :bigsmile: