If you want to kill a perfect TY disk do like I did. :)

I have burned lots of Yuden000T01 disks branded Verbatim. They burn perfectly using liteon’s stock stratage for Yuden000T01 at 4x (certified speed). When I was short of time I tried to burn one of those disks at 8x using the same T01 stock stratagy. I know, I know - that was a bad idea. :iagree: I should use T02 strat. I just want to share with you my experience (that costed me $1.5 coaster) - what can you get if you use Perfect Media, Good DVD-burner, Good firmware and WRONG stratagy.

  1. Verbatim Pastel Disk DVD+R 4х (Yuden000T01) writen at 8x using VS0B original strat.
  2. Verbatim Pastel Disk DVD+R 4х (Yuden000T01) writen at 4x using VS0B original strat.

Both disks are from the same bundle.