If you use eDonkey, your IP may be logged

I cannot verify all of this, but I think it is true. MetaMachine just lost out to the RIAA. They have to pay 30 million dollars to them and cease distribution of their softwares, like eDonkey and eDonkey2000, Overnet -etc.

If you use the eDonkey app now, supposedly you are given an “opportunity” to visit the eDonkey site. Then, you read the following message, (pasted below) and your IP is logged. Then an automatic uninstall of eDonkey is invoked. (this is the part I cannot verify)

I know the page logs the IP, as I went there for investigative purposes. :wink: But I do not use eDonkey so I don’t know about the other part concerning an automatic uninstall. Perhaps someone can enlighten us all.

Here’s the warnin’ message:

[I]The eDonkey2000 Network is no longer available.

If you steal music or movies, you are breaking the law.

Courts around the world – including the United States Supreme Court –
have ruled that businesses and individuals can be prosecuted for illegal

You are not anonymous when you illegally download copyrighted material.

Your IP address is xxx.xxx.xxx.xx and has been logged.

Respect the music, download legally.[/I]

(knees knockin)…i’ve only used the emule/donkey network a few times and i couldn’t get but a few files off of it…it was just sit and wait…Not the 1st or last time we’ll hear the powers that be threatning will legal action…they seem to be the only ones complaining…not many of the artists do…:slight_smile:

wish they knew that IP’s are logged everywhere u go…Guess they’re too busy sittin back countin the cash

So I guess its one of those ‘veiled’ threats intended to raise the paranoia levels? Log your IP after just reading the message? WTF?
Honestly, why not just say the NSA is reading over your shoulder from now on, everytime you use a cell, send an email or reply in a public forum…
Whoops, they already are…
Now be afraid, very afraid.

It won’t be long before the rest fall…Limewire, the re-worked WinMX, etc…

Good thing I don’t use garbage like eDonkey.

(The following text is not meant to insult posters and viewers, but targets the semi-public opinion about the IP protocol and so-called anonymous communication. If you still feel insulted you should buy an etch-a-sketch and stop playing with them fancy computers)

Oh my god! My IP is logged! I would have never guessed that my IP addresses may actually be logged by some sort of devil machinery!

Your IP addresses will and always be logged. No matter what kind of operating system and no matter what kind of device. If it uses the TCP and IP protocol your IP addresses will be logged. This is how the communication between two IP addresses is actually established! Client seeks out server!

Or put into “IP-talk”

(dialup.verizon.youraccount.com) contacts (www.edonkey.application.sucks.anyway.com) (123.456.789.012:12 connects to 012.345.678.901:65535) ooooh… spooky!

There is no anonymous communication possible. Never! The only thing they can do is strip out the information packages of their details or use very clever routing schematics to make it impossible to search your home on google earth.

“Yeah but this and that application promises anonymous internetting!”

The only thing these kind of services do is strip out info and redirect traffic. Guess what? It still LOGS! It must log. It will always log. It just gained more sources and more destinations, which are still tracable. More difficult to trace, but do you think the justice department is stupid? Do you think they cannot get you because you masked your ip address? Hell no.

I think we’re all missing something here: this is undemocratic. Why are these laws being made? Why are the governing bodies permitting this when it’s not in the people’s best interests or wants?

Oh yeah, money. :rolleyes:

Indeed…and I just keep on Download’n…clink…Nosmartz hears cell doors clang shut… :eek::bigsmile:

preach :stuck_out_tongue:

SMACK! Your IP has been logged…