If you receive a PM from an "official Slysoft tester" or "Slysoft employee"

It has been brought to our attention that a forum member received a private message from another forum user who claimed to be “an official Tester for Slysoft”. This was a lie. I won’t get into the specifics of what was said but I want to make it abundantly clear that no “Testers” will send a private message requesting something from another forum member at the behest of Slysoft. If Slysoft needs information then either a Moderator or actual Slysoft employee would be sending the message. You can confirm whether a user is a Moderator or Slysoft employee by the user status in their profile.

In short, if the PM seems odd then think twice and report such PMs via the Report feature.

Above message is orginally posted by DrinkLyeAndDie in slysoft forum as a sticky. I posted since I think where there is slysoft support message needs to be there.

Link can be found here

Yes. The situation occurred in the Slysoft forums and it’s easy to identify a legitimate person be it a Moderator or Slysoft employee over there just by looking at the Forum Leaders page: http://forum.slysoft.com/showgroups.php.

I have no idea if similar messages have been sent in these forums or even if numerous messages were sent in the Slysoft forums that we are unaware of. What do know is the at least one person PM’ed at least one other person and misrepresented himself. I would not expect a Slysoft employee to send a PM to anyone here requesting something without first directing the user to post in the official Slysoft forums.

We, in the Slysoft forums, take the situation very seriously. If you encounter odd PMs from people requesting something from you and the person claims to be a Slysoft tester or employee and you have no way of validating the claim then report it appropriately in these forums. If the event takes place in the Slysoft forums then a user should use the report feature over there.