If you liked The Matrix, you will love this






This is great!!!
The creator of this flash thing is an artist…
Jezus, it was perfect :cool::cool:


Yawn… it’s old.


It is old but I love it :slight_smile:


Originally posted by Zeiss

Got any more of those ???




and also, it’s more of a Bruce Lee thing.


It kinda looks something outta the last Jackie Chan movie…


I saw it some weeks ago its realy great specialy the matrix move.


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Got any more of those ??? [/B]

u can go here some other great flash animations n games :smiley:

here to help or express myself, not to rack up my posts :smiley:


Yes, it’s an old one but it ownz, it’s just great.


toch wat beter oplette Mr. Zeis…had em al tijden geleden gepost :wink:


oud maar hij regeerd wel :slight_smile:


Main language of this forum is English, except for those which are language dependant. :slight_smile:

You too should pay attention Mr. -=HeadLesS=-


Nice link, i can’t see it. Error. Somebody a new working url?