If you like a good Mac W(Burger), click here



Ik heb een goeie Mac-warez site gevonden.
Daar er tegenwoordig niet zo heel veel Mac sites op het net te vinden zijn wil ik bij deze alvast een goeie duwtje in de rug geven voor al diegene die over een mega G4 processor beschikken.

APPLE RULES IN GRAPHICAL APPLICATIONS: http://www.themacfiles.cjb.net/




<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Necrom:

Agree with that. MAC is a computer for children with its fancy collors. And no Dutch on this forum SnelleFred


Any of you guys own/use a MAC? Don’t judge too fast 'cause those new MAC are VERY good machines!


They may be good but nothing is compatible with it , and that’s way IT SUCKS !!!


Well, MAC’s really don’t suck. They are really fast. You just can’t compare them with windows based systems.
There are plenty of programs for it and it is the best in its genre.
Ofcourse it’s not for games, but for photo and video editing they are the absolute best.
I don’t own one myself, because I have no use for them, but in my opinion the certainly don’t’suck, they are just different, and that’s not the same thing!