If you have an AOpen 1648 AAP, read here

I thought I should bring this to your attention as the other Aopen thread has gotten very long and even though this information is there if you look for it, I would suspect that many of you are not aware of this.

This drive can be sped up to its maximum read potential using Nero Drive Speed. Just set the read speed to Maximum when the DVD is in the drive and rip away. You should get close to 14.6X.

For a lot of you this may be old news but there may be some who missed this as the speed is tops as it is.

For what it’s worth.

thanks for posting that chas. And you are right someone would have to dig thru 24+ pages on the other thread to find the info.

I found another interesting problem with the 1648 I thought I would pass on. I had the Aopen on an Ultra 66 card and I constantly got slower rips than I should have. It was limiting the throughput so I moved the drive to its own IDE connection and saw a significant increase in speed. However, I found that Win XP was constantly changing the transfer from DMA to PIO. I tried resetting it when I would power down but it would reset on an apparently random basis. I tried a number of different connection options and at one point the drive also reset the HD on the same cable.

I was set to move back to the Ultra card when I thought of checking out my external enclosure. It now reads at max speed again and here, at least, I don’t get the bug in Windows resetting my speed. I had tried external USB2 before for ripping and found it very slow so I had incorrectly thought that the limiting factor was USB. It turns out it was the other drive.

Windows says they have addressed this in SP2, but they still have no fix or force for keeping DMA. So any of you with an AOpen 1648 AAP that is sensitive like mine, be prepared.

One question. If you set it to maximum for a Disc Quality Test instead of like 4x will it make a difference in the accuracy of the test?

I assume your question has to do with scanning and not ripping. To give you a plain answer, yes, maximum will give you generally worse and less reliable results in any drive. 1X will give you the most precision. 4X is a compromise. Also, I do not use the AOpen drive for scanning because scanning was not designed to work in ROM drives. I did thorough testing of this drive and of my Liteon 167T and compared it to the Liteon 812S. I found no consistent correlation between the scans. As a very course measure of readability you could use a ROM drive, but don’t trust it to compare to anything. Others disagree.

Yes higher speeds produce worse scores on the Disc Quality scan test. However good burns/media produce little change in scores up to 8x - so that is the speed recommended by the program author for scans. Higher speeds produce rapidly worse scores, slower speeds than 8x don’t change the score much at all but take a lot longer to scan.

It is still considered the standard here to do Kprobe scans at 4X and CDSpeed at 4X unless they are done on a BenQ where 8X is the standard. More than anything, this allows a comparison which often can be helpful when trying to solve a problem. I also have noticed that 8X is often similar to 4X and other times not. If you really want a scare sometime, run a CDSpeed scan at max. with the quick scan checked.

Yes beyond 8x speed CD/DVD speed gives very high values - thats why the author advises 8x is a good max speed. He also says that only on poor burns/media does it change appreciabely between say 4x and 8x - so an 8x test should be enough to show if its a good burn. You can’t really compare between different drive scans in any case.

Would you mind running an experiment? Without using Nero DriveSpeed,
in DVD Decrypter, configure options Tools/Setting, Device tab, Set Read Speed to 16X and try ripping.
On my NEC ND-3500 drive, for SL it goes to top speed, but for DL it reports back with yellow warning icon in log window “max speed set to 8X”.

The rip speeds you are getting with your drive are exactly the same as mine. SL and burned discs are very fast, topping out at 16X, whereas DL is limited to 8X even with riplock remover. This is why I have the AOpen.

I use Kprobe and I use it for more than just telling me that the burn was “OK”.

My point was to see if you can speed up your drive by mean in another way than using Nero Drivespeed.

Mine reports the same thing as yours.

That is normal the NEC’s top speed for ripping Dual Layer discs is just under 8x (actually 3-7x) but for SL it can do 16x. The NEC drive has that limit, all the softwares can do is select between the allowed speeds for each type of media. The NEC is fast at 16x only for single layer DVD-ROM, DVD+R, and DVD-R. Its slower (7x or 8x max) for dual layer discs and also DVD+RW and DVD-RW media.

I guess I drank too much, as I am trying to talk about the AOPEN, just gave example to the behaviour if the NEC, and wanted to know how AOPEN is reported in the DVD Decrypter log under the Set Read Speed described above. Ahhhh.
I am well aware of NEC ripping since the dawn of this drive 7 months ago :slight_smile:

When I attempt to set the drive speed from within DVDDcrypter, as you specify, I can get the AOpen to go along with all the speed settings. However, it will not respond to the lower settings so it is not really controlling the speed of the drive. If you want to go slower you will have to use Nero Drivespeed.

The next version of DVD Decrypter (will be supports setting the read speed on this drive.

It doesn’t use standard MMC commands for speed setting, that’s why it never worked before.

Silly AOPEN people! lol

Great to hear from you. :slight_smile: I really appreciate your software. Worth much more than my donation.

DVD Decrypter IS SETTING the Read Speed on my NEC ND-3500, but not on another drive, that is why I asked about the Aopen. I too used to use Nero DriveSpeed to try and rip very scrathed discs.

if I set the Read Speed to 1X, the rip is 1X
if I set the Read Speed to 4X, the rip is 4X, etc

And I was wondering who is reporting back that DL media is maxed at 8X (and yes, I know about the NEC ND-3500, no need to change subject again from Aopen).

BTW, I wish the Set Read Speed was configured on the ripping pages, like Write Speed is on the writing pages, and not hidden in Setting.

There seems to be a bug, that to change from one speed to another, I must first force a change to MAX, and maybe recycle openning tray. or power down the PC, not sure yet.

This is sweet, if true. From the log window:

W 16:47:24 [1:0:0] _NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG 2.C8 (G:) (ATA) - Selected Read Speed: 22,160 KB/s (16x)
W 16:47:24 [1:0:0] _NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG 2.C8 (G:) (ATA) - Actual Read Speed: 24,461 KB/s (18.1x)