If you had to burn 200 gigs of data

Would you be more comfortable using Nero Express or Roxio 6.x Platinum fully updated (and why)?

(They both seem to have worked on the 2 test DVDs, I’m just curious if one would be more reliable or a ‘better burn’ than the other or there really isn’t a difference).

ps. DAO or TAO?

Nero. I still use nero and will not upgrade.

I just trust nero more. I had Roxio way back when cd burning was fairly new…I didn’t like it then. It worked but once I tried nero, I bought nero and have never went back to roxio.

It sucks being 50/50 on the fence. I wish I knew WHY Nero is so much more popular (advanced features or even burns better).

I’m such a nerd…

When I was new to burning I used Roxio EZ CD Creator because it came with the burner I bought. I used it for a while but got fed up with the number of GPF’s [or Blue Screens as they became] and the number of bad burns resulting in coasters. As my system changed and I got different software/hardware I found that the Roxio software clashed with it in strange ways. I even had a shed load of run trying to uninstall it properly because it left so much if itself behind.

I got a copy of Nero and have been happy ever since. OK I won’t say that I never get coasters or that it doesn’t screw up every so often, but it is a damn site more reliable than EZ Coaster Creater ever was.

Just my 2pence worth.

Both Nero 5 and 6 and Roxio 6 and 7 are reliable applications. Roxio’s rep is still suffering from an earlier, extremely buggy release that trashed a lot of systems. That was quite a while ago. The people still trashing Roxio are either living in the past or just holding onto a grudge. Either one would suit your purpose.

Keeping in mind we are talking about backing up data, not backing up game cd’s…or dvd’s…I’d say flip a coin. Both function well this endeavour, it’s what your comfy with screen wise I think here.

Personally, I have both, and use both for different kinds of projects. Roxio I tend to use for simple data dump type projects, Nero i tend to use for more complicated ones.

My rate of coasters was very high with my 1st copy of EZCD…it was before Adaptec sold off to Roxio…It was also before I upgraded my 1x Mitsumi CD-R to something with “buffer under-run”…:stuck_out_tongue:

True. Buffer underrun protection makes all the difference.