If you had it

What would you do with it?

hold it, love it, use it, kill it and finally bury it

Build a bridge out of it

Capture a fluffy white clould with it.

I’d give it back. You don’t know where it’s been :eek:

What if it is worth a zillion dollars?

I bet it doesnt know either where its been

Hmmm. Tough one, that…:wink:

I’d share it!

I had it once but it went away.

Apparently it was buried by Belvedere and then Womble, the graverobbing yoinkstick he is, plundered the tomb and used it to capture clouds for his global warming machine.

I knew it would happen!

Spend it all ay once.

That’s you just thought you had it, but it really wasn’t yours.

i’ve yet to find it, see it…or touch it…

I’d drop it like it’s hot

What are you talking about? I do have it :smiley:

I’d trash it… I don’t want it!

so what are you doing with it and was it worth having?

This week… I think I’d kick it to bits.

BTW… What is a yoinkstick? :confused:

It’s mine give it back!?