If you flash a drive to the firmware for another drive

my brother has a lite-on sohw-802s that came pre-installed on his factory built computer. if he flashes it to the 832s (which I’ve read is compatible) is that pretty much saying he has an 832s?

the reason I ask is that I’m trying to find some info on his drive, and I haven’t been able to find anything definitive, but I’ve found tons of info on the 832s. should I just go by that info or are there inherent differences in the drives that can’t be changed by a firmware change?

I’m trying to debate whether I should steal his drive or not as he never uses it haha

Yes, you can crossflash SOHW-802s to 832s adding DVD-R and DVD+R DL capability. Guide. :slight_smile:
Use prepatched firmwares like VS0J, CG5J

And it’s safe to say; you’ll have an 832s, because hardware is the same.

BTW, here is one member having similar question.

thanks. i did see that post, but i already knew i could crossflash it. i just wanted to make sure i could rely on the specs for the better of the two drives when plotting the theft of my brother’s drive. there’s no way he’d even notice haha. my drive is better anyway, although that would have been a fun mission.

thanks for the input :slight_smile: