If you could

If you could live any week of your life over and over again would you and what week would it be?

Never! Living always the same thing forever will be a nightmare :eek:

Nope…I would be afraid I’d change something. I wouldn’t take back anything in my life.

I came to the same thing after thinking about my life its good and bad there was not one week I would want to five over and over. There were a few that I would not mind going back and changing some but even that was not that many. I posted this after I got to thinking how good a life I have had with it good and bad and how much I loved being at the age with grandchildern, I wanted to make others think back over there past also, but I figured most if not all would not have a week that they would want to live over and over again. Maybe a day but not a week.

Maybee Thursday When ,Last time I could get into CDFREAKS website
There was A Gap .

not to live over and over again…but yeah there are a few weeks i’d like to have back just because of the emotions they contain…but to be trapped into an ongoing repeat…i’d have to pass

Delit my last post :o cant remember what I was trying to say :bigsmile:
Maybee to much red liqud.
Ground hog day :confused:
Dont Ever want that :bigsmile:

whew Diane i thought you meant to say you wanted to continue to relive last thursday…lmao when you couldn’t log in :wink:

Hmmm, Nice Q, I simply…wouldn’t!..:slight_smile:

I could go back a few hours& re-take an exam I f**ked up on, but I guess that wouldn’t be a valid answer.