If you could, would you rather be someone else?

Might be a strange question (hell, it is). But I mean, if you would have the opportunity to transfer “yourself” (mind/feelings) into someone else, would you do it? And more important: would you be happier?
That person could be anyone you could imagine (any celebrity, president, boyfriend of the girl you’ve always had a crush on, aboriginal,…).
Just one thing: you’d have to take everything into account that comes with that way of life: eg when you choose to be some celeb, you’ll probably be very rich, but you’d have to give up quite some privacy and you’d have to live with “constant” stress of “having to score again and again” in order to stay in the spotlights.
That’s why I added aboriginal (as a generic term for someone who lives close to nature; could be an isolated tribe in the jungle); ever imagined how that would be? I mean, if it would be possible to live completely isolated from the modern world, any chance you would be happier? (not knowing that there are things like electricity etc)

I would want to , but i cannot , because i have no way of telling if i can control my evil side if i did.

Yes I would…sometimes…but for a diffirent reason than having a lot of money or some bullshit like that…

Not gonna explain this, it’s just my answer :slight_smile:

The Only answer I want to be god

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The Only answer I want to be god

Bruce did too


Deadpool always gets the ladies :wink:

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The Only answer I want to be god

Why would you want to be me?

i voted NO…because the person you want to be voted propably YES

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Why would you want to be me?

Because There Must Be Room For 2 Gods in this unholy world:D

I’m happy right now. Could I be happier being some else? Theoretically, yes, but why wage an already nice life? So I voted ‘no’.

I don’t think I’d want to swith my personality for eternity with someone else, but I’d like to be somebody else every once in a while, just to feel how it is to be famous, rich, a woman, poor etc etc

Well sometimes it would be handy.

But I stick with this one.

be the person totally? or simply walk in their shoes? if its the 2nd one, i pick bob barker.

I want to be Mystique from X-Men. Or be her boyfriend :wink:

be her…and i be your boyfriend…lol

did you just hit on oddball?

ok…yes…damn it

Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere. :wink:

No. I am content with who and what I am. I am not the best looking, but I am not worst looking either. I am not rich, I am not poor. I am just me. I have many things that others don’t; I don’t have many things that others do. If I stay who I am, I can get things I want, slowly and one by one.

With too much power comes too much responsibility.

With too much money comes too much loss. (Ransom anyone?)

With too much popularity comes too much criticism.

You know what they say: “More than a handful/mouthful is a waste!”