If you could start you life over



if you are given the chance to start you life all over again, would you take it?

i would, there were so many things i did wrong, so many regrets, so much sorrow, so much pain, i wish someone would just erase all my memories and put me back to the state of a infant, then i could start all over.

oh well…


That’s a double edged sword though. We are who we are because of our mistakes and learning from them (unless you are one of those people who simply doesn’t learn, in which case neither option is going to help out). As much as I might wish I could change certain things in my life I have no idea what sort of reprecussions it would have on other aspects that I might not want to change. I’m more in favor of the “Sliders” theory. For those of you who remember the show the characters got a chance to visit parallel earths where they often ran into their doubles on a given world WHO HAD OFTEN MADE DIFFERENT CHOICES in their lives and thus were different people. Now that I certainly wouldn’t mind doing.


If I could, I would first want to choose my parents.


I really wouldn’t choose to start my life over again given the option - sure I’ve made lots of mistakes, but there’s no point worrying about the things you can’t change and regrets are a waste of energy.
I prefer to be content with my life as it is and make the most of what has been available to me - including the bad things, learn from my mistakes and move forward.


Amen, brilliant post :bow:

Completely agree. Even withe the bad stuff, I wouldn’t have learned or become as strong as I am today emotionally, so I wouldn’t change anything either.


i do agree to a degree … but if i could change just one thing that happened in my life recently, ( details not needed ) i would, it would make a differnce to the lives of many people some of whom i have never met!



Everythings goodly here :slight_smile:


If I could start life over, I would be all energetic and recharged with energy.
I would really like to choose another birthplace. :stuck_out_tongue:


Japan? :bigsmile:


Indeed, [B]Arachne[/B].
Akihabara… or even Fukushima!* Sendai? Tsukuba?

You have been owned by my editing skills! :bigsmile:

  • I know that That’s Fukushima is actually located in the Yanagawa Industrial Zone in Date-shi, Fukushima Prefecture.


I knew it, psychic, see :bigsmile:

And your editing skills aren’t a patch on mine :smiley:


And again :wink:

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What would your favorite birthplace be?


Hmmm. Ireland, probably. Or Australia. :slight_smile:


No. Live the horrible experiences once more? No thank you.

i would, there were so many things i did wrong, so many regrets, so much sorrow, so much pain,

And live other sorrows, other pain, other memories together with other regrets.

i wish someone would just erase all my memories and put me back to the state of a infant, then i could start all over.
There are plenty of materials in this world that can put you back in the state of an infant. Unfortunately you still can’t start all over. You stay an infant.

oh well…

You know, most people let themselves lead by other groups. People are influenced by everything they notice with their five senses (some have six). This era is one of consuming and collecting. You consume entertainment, goods and food. Much more than you will ever need.

Think about the moments where you were happy and had enough with the fact that you are alive, breathing fresh air. Think about this lifetime between two unknown endless times (before your birth and after your death). This lifetime is yours. Seize it and do with it whatever you want. Live.


I wouldn’t mind starting over, but not from the beginning (17 would be fine :bigsmile: ), and definitly not with my memories erased! :eek: :disagree:

The only point for me would be to make better choices, but based on what I know [I]now[/I]… also I would sound like a genius for a teen, with my current memories LOL

But to re-learn eveything, and live the same painful process? :doh: No, thanks… :bigsmile:


:iagree: Sure! Not enough to my taste, but these things are out there, not far from your reach, just waiting for you to be receptive. Poetry, great music, great movies, cool animals, friendly/tender people, beautiful sceneries… pick your favorite infant-feeder.


:iagree: I Have 3 Great Boys .There Dad Passed away in 2004.
If I had My life over I woudnt have met him ,and had them.
Dont want new parents .My dad 84 this year mom 81 are still fine,
and we all get along even with stepmom :slight_smile: .


Try “Amelie from Montmartre” :wink: (original french title: “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain”).