If you could buy just one thing

Let’s assume that you are givin the oppurtunity to buy one single thing, without paying for it. What would that be?

Only things that can actually be bought qualify for this! So you can’t buy Europe, the moon or a bunch of women ;).

I’d buy Shell, that’s for sure. Make some money with it, and retire after a couple of years… buy a villa on Jamaica and live my life :slight_smile:

what about a CRT projector? they tend to cost a bit much :bigsmile:

Only one thing ?

Hmm… Shell isn’t actually one thing , but more one company with a lot of things.

Company wise :

I think i’d buy Microsoft , pull 1 billion dollars out of it and let the entire company die.

Item wise :

If i could buy all things of an item , i’d buy all food in the world (why yes , we can) and distribute it properly.

Or all weapons , and destroy them.

Or all water , and distribute it properly.

Or all internet domains and rule the internet world.

I want the bunch of women.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’d buy a box of shades for our blind new members who for one reason or another pretend to be blind, ignoring all the stickies and reiterating questions that’s been asked countless times… check yourself foo, you ain’t funny,:Z

Ok, that one doesn’t count. I want to get a Volkswagen Golf R32.

lol Stoner, i think i’d have to agree with that one.

i’d buy a skittles factory

id buy liteonit, that way i could have all the burners i want. Muahahahaha:bigsmile:

Lot of condoms! (we must be careful) :wink:

A pizza with every topping on it and a college education along with it.

I would like to buy the whole of the centre of Oxford England within a mile radius of Carfax, raze every single building to the ground, cover the ground with land mines, and leave it to the wild flowers.

Failing that I’d like to buy a house with a swimming pool which I’d fill with 7-up.:wink:

damn it is hard to think about something

…i have most things i want…what i don’t have can’t be bought

A pack of cigarettes.

No just kidding if there was thing I had to buy and the money to do it, would be a house with lots of room and a yard that doesnt look like a 4x4 mud pit.