If you could be invisible

…for 24 hours, what would you do? Where would you go, who would you spy on?

Before anyone says anything, I did a search for this kind of thing, and came up with nothing. :wink:

Edit: I bet I know what all the guys will say…:bigsmile:

There are many things that I’d like to do :bigsmile:

Too bad I can’t post these things here :stuck_out_tongue:

Spying someone is [B]not[/B] one of these :wink:

if i could be invisible uhm… going to area 51 and see what there hiding there (but if they have infared camera’s they still would spot me and gotten arested XD ).

i would go to some friends and act like a poltergheist XD

I’d scare the crap and trip up as many people who I loath. I’d run round town slapping as many s_s’esque butts I could lol, I’d ‘pants’ a police officer lady/man whatever, I’d take an old lady’s cane and throw it at someone nearby to make them think she did it, and finally, I;d take a trip to a ‘womens only’ spa :bigsmile:

LOL @ geno, well spying is clearly one of the thing I want to do :a bwahaahah.

I suspect that response is pretty close to what Arachne expected. :bigsmile:

I’d do all that plus I’d steal some millions from some random security transport. If I wear a body latex suit with a gas mask or the like, and is invisible, then there should be impossible to find me! I’m invisible and I wont leave DNA rolling about either.

To the dark side invisibility leads

I would visit our friends at the RIAA and queue up enough music via emule / bittorrent / kazaa and any other method available to flood their network for several months. I would then head to their legal department and file paperwork against this new group of renegades. Would have to visit private homes to queue up music on their personal machines, just in case.

I think I would have to visit my bank too, and use a local terminal to correct those errors with my account balances. :bigsmile:

Hmmmm …

Plant the bosses wife’s knickers in the offices of people desperately deserving the sack & then place calls to the boss requesting immediate meetings in their office.

OMG !! LOL, i’d get a fresh dog turd, put on some invisible latex gloves and throw it at someone I loathed face!!! ROFLMAO. :bigsmile:

Nope: Wrong. I like bank vaults, more important then chicks. Chicks are easy, vaults are not :bigsmile: (in most cases)

That’s sooo wrong…

hold a sexy 100 female celebrity convention spike there food with viagra and film them all getting nailed and put it all online.

ROFL, now THAT is wrong :bigsmile: you outdid my attempt lol. to top that, I;d arrange a party for all the preppy kids at my highschool, and go round with my latex glove and poo, and give them all hitlers while they were socialising :bigsmile:>>think south park, lol the looks on their faces would be even better :eek:

LOL! :bigsmile: :clap:

Good answers so far…:iagree:…I dunno what I’d do. The suggestion about throwing dog turds in the faces of people I hate, or would like to take down a peg or two…that would be very tempting :bigsmile:

Id sneek onto a plane to america, and take photos of celebs in compromising positions and sell them to the press :wink:

Just to add, I’d run up to G.Bush, and use a ‘tazer’ him and proceed to shaving his head bald :bigsmile:

A Bald bush :confused: This is new :iagree:
Some sort of flower?

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m invisible already. Especially on Sundays. :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: :iagree:

Sit with a group of men and find out if they really do think about sex every 9 seconds.
Then i’d do some free shopping at GAP :stuck_out_tongue:

So the most prevalent desires are something of illegal and the revenge…