~~ If you could be a Mythological character...who would you be ? ~~

Self explainatory…
If you could be a mythological character …who would you be…and why?

myself…i’d be Athena …cause she rocked…and gee who wouldn’t want to have Zeus and Hera for parents…

I would be Zeus because he was the father of most of the gods and goddesses :stuck_out_tongue:

The Minotaur!

Because of various enjoyable reasons:

1: I’m a Taurus, so that’s convienient
2: Minotaur is big and strong and tough and looks cool, but doesn’t have to brush his teeth or wear a lot of clothes.

Look at him:

That’s cool!

3: Minotaur gets to screw a lot of virgins, but hasn’t have to marry them. No, when they get all talky he kills them and everybody thinks that’s cool (At least i do).

Unfortnately there are some disadvantages

1: Minotaur lives in a boring endless maze
2: Minotaur gets killed by Thesseus, Ossyseus or some other greek idiot
3: Minotaur is ordered to do pit fights, kill others and work for kings. Hmm, since when is killing a disadvantage…?


Are we in a bad mood today?

so you make an offering to your ?? :eek:

i am just stating the obvious parallelism

which one…the greek one or the one you like to play with your phallus ? :bigsmile:

I’d be a virgin :wink:

LOL @ Prof. Honeydew :bigsmile:

Well…my choice would have to be Arachne - although her story is a bit sad!

Or I’d probably choose The Beckoning Cat of Japan over the one above -

the Beckoning Cat, or the manekineko as he is called in Japan. This cat, long long ago, stood in the door of the Gotoku-ji temple and raised her paw in the traditional Japanese beckoning gesture to a feudal lord who was passing by.

The feudal lord followed the cat into the temple and instantly, a lightning bolt struck the place where the lord had been standing. Thus the cat had saved his life. From then on, the manekineko was considered as an incarnation of the Goddess of Mercy.

The Gotoku-ji Temple now houses dozens of statues of this Cat, and owners of lost or sick cats stick up prayer boards with the image of the Beckoning Cat in this temple.

In business the manekineko is said to bring success. This is because her raised paw beckons in customers. It also welcomes in personal happiness and harmony. A black Beckoning Cat brings health, while a gold one, which is quite rare, brings in riches. Beckoning Cats are often sold as money boxes and in a house they are supposed to beckon in good friends.

Not “proper” mythology, but hey…:slight_smile:

dont we all?

I searched in wikipedia, but there is no geno888 in the Olympus :sad:


I’d be someone lounging about in Valhalla. Imagine tortuga but with vikings. And a respawning pig!

You haven’t looked close enough, you also need to search using the greek alphabet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is your myhological equivalent. :wink:

I’m the god of wine and [I]grappa[/I] :bigsmile:

I could choose a character that had a lot of power or fun or both, but the first one that comes to mind is from the Tolkien mythology, and it is Eärendil.

Eärendil made a huge contribution to the history of Middle Earth by travelling to the home of the Valar and plead on behalf of mankind and elfkind for the Valar to intercede and end the terrible dominion of Morgoth the great enemy.

So it’s a not a “real” character, but is it any less real than most mythological characters? In my opinion, no. So there it is. :slight_smile:

when you grow one big enough for all of us to play with…give me a call :bigsmile:

I’ve changed my mind about being a mythological virgin.
I gave it some serious thought and there were a few flaws; mainly that it’s a one time deal and once you’ve given it up, your mythological powers over minotaurs / unicorns / dragons / men generally, are gone.

The main flaw is that there are a suspiciously high number of virgins in mythology compared to the number of creatures to consort with. This means some of the “virgins” were not being entirely truthful.

Minotaur / Unicorn / Dragon etc: GRRRR!! I will take you to my lair and ravage you, virgin.
“Virgin”: Jolly good, let’s go.
Minotaur / Unicorn / Dragon etc: Prepare to be mythologically ravished!!
“Virgin”: Give it to me big boy!
Minotaur / Unicorn / Dragon etc: Whaaat???
“Virgin”: Umm, I mean, be gentle, it’s my first time :o flutters eye lids in virginal manner
Minotaur / Unicorn / Dragon etc: Oh, ok then. not thinking straight by this point

Definitely flawed.

Instead I’ve decided to be the Indian Goddess Kali because she has 4 arms and can bitch slap several minions at once, which is always a bonus.
The downside is having to be topless most of the time. That might be ok in a warm country like India, but in Canada it could get a bit perky in winter and 4 armed winter coats are not easy to come by. However I believe that some fine bespoke tailoring may solve the problem.

Hmm, that’s very pragmatic [B]Prof. Honeydew[/B]… Me, I’d go mytho… what?

Edit: well, probably Hades.

[B]Prof. Honeydew[/B], I don’t remember you as being the funniest of the muppets, but apparently I was wrong! :slight_smile: :flower:

Have you been spying on my encounters with virgins BTW? :stuck_out_tongue:

As Kali you would have a cult of thugs at your disposal too, if that somehow appeals to you.

Having to walk around all day with a garland of 51 heads and another severed head in your hand might make people a bit apprehensive around you, however.