If you are an expert on dvdrw please read here


Over these past three days i have been looking around to buy a dvdrw and i have finally decided that i should buy the nec nd-3500a. Yet before i actually go to buy it i want to be sure that i am making the right deicision, so i am here asking for expert advice.

What i want from my dvdrw is

1, To be able to produce good quality dvd’s
2, To be able to easily produce backups of my dvd collection
3, The dvd i produce with my dvdrw i can play on every dvd player.
4, Fast and good media compatability.

I think that the nec will satisfy all these.
If you think that i should opt for a different drive i am open to your suggestions

Thanks in advance for all those who will give their opinion

The 3500 is my first choice as well. As to your points it should be able to meet all your critera but one. I doubt it will produce DVDs that will be playable on “every” player due to the problems related to bitsetting. There are patched firmwares out there but some people don’t want to go there. If you stick to good quality -R media you should be as close to your wish list as possible.

Good choice!!!

  1. Buy quality media!!
  2. Depends on the software not on your DVD-burner
  3. Nowadays, almost every DVD-burner produces DVD’s that can be read by stand-alone DVD-players
  4. See 1.