If u have the sims! help!

alright, if anyone of u got the sims, please help me out with it, first i installed it and everything was fine until i fucken ran the shit and it wouldn’t fucken work dam it! i check mah video card and sound card and both of them are certified by direct x7, what else is ther i can do to start playing, what i get is when i go the loading the jobs, careers, money thiings, and when i get to the las thing to load, it goes right back into mah desktop! Fawk! help!

Wow! You would probably get the help you needed if you would curb your language… Is it really necessary…
First off, are you running a copy… if you are you must remember the Sims is protected with Safedisc and you have to fix this. If you are running an original then I can only suggest either you have a bad copy or maybe try a complete uninstall from registry and all and try again.

Fuc… Hello,
Well, fu…, you are fuc…g lucky as I had fuc… the same fuc… problem as you. (are there enough fuc… ?, lol)
What you could do is use the crack from Gamecopyworld and then, when all is loading, eject the CD. I had this problem, each the game was launched and the CD accessed, it bugged. So, when all is loaded, eject the CD.
Go to www. gamecopyworld.com and get a crack.

CU (fuc…)

danx for all the advice guyz, and by the way, which crack do i download? and i do have the copy version but i duno if mah fucken freind copy it correctly in first place. is that suppose to happen if i didn’t copy it correctly?

Usually, nowadays, all the copies are made “1:1”, so a crack (fixed exe) should do it. For the version you should know which version you own (language, …). If I don’t find the version I need, I almsot always choose the German. Another thing you could do, if it does not work is downloading a no-CD crack, so you don’t need the CD anymore, you simply need the files copied on your HD.
Hope i could help you.