If two brands have similar styled labels, could they be produced by the same manufacturer?

I’m sorry for the daft question, but if two brands are under similar style badge likely to be produced by the same manufacturer? I ask this as I noted the similarity between Memorex DVD-R 8x / Hyundai DVD-R 8x, and between Tesco 52x CD-R and AOne 52x CD-R.

Literally just a change of name. Nothing else between the Memorex / Hyundai has changed elsewhere. If I remember right, the Memorex were CMC MAG AM1 discs - So could this Hyundai be offspring of CMC?

I know the Tesco / AOne CD-R varients are produced by UmeDisc… Could similar labelling mean anything?


Datasafe / Datawrite - Both produced by CMC as well…

I could provide one counterexample: Memorex doesn’t just use CMC, but has the same styling for all its discs of a given period. The only way to tell a CMC apart from a Ritek apart from a MBI disc (for example) is to look past the Memorex brand design. So, in that sense, it won’t necessarily be the same manufacturer producing the Hyundai discs.

It could be a generic template, or an attempt to be recognized by similar styles, or maybe rejected discs being re-branded. In that case, it could be a predictable range of manufacturers shared between brands.

Plus the fact that labelling styles are similar may mean nothing more than both producers have used the same labelling company.