If theres a program that changes wav files etc in2 mp3s

Hi. I aint 2 big on comps n i wud like to no if theres a program that changes wav files etc in2 mp3s. I hav audio grabber but it wont change the file i want. does any1 no a program that aint specifically 4 cds. much appreciated :D. U can email me sum info @ kensniff@hotmail.com but dont b gettin pervy or owt cos i hav clever friends n they will find n hurt u :smiley:

hi and welcome to the forums

have a look here and see if any are suitable

also a wee tip, don’t put your email address where everybody can see it, if you want someone to contact you, ask them to PM you.

thanks for the warning, i don’t want hurt :disagree:



Lamedrop comes with the K-Lite mega codec pack … here.

See also this thread:

These tools are also able to convert WAV files into MP3 files

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