If same CHIPSET, Can be rebadged or upgraded into a different brand?



I was wondering, I have a cyberdrive 32x, and in cdrinfo it said it's an oak chipset. Since some other drive use oak chipset, can i flash their bin into my drive to make it faster?
One more thing, cyberdrive have 40x, but it's in exe extension, how can i use winhex to hack it so it can flash my drive into 40x?
some help would be nice :slight_smile:


Why do you keep posting CyberDrive questions in the LiteOn forum??


You can’t flash to other brands since buffer, design and everything else is different.

And to be able to overclock you must know that the chipset is the same as used in the faster drive.

The cyberdrive 40X uses another OAK chicpset than the Cyberdrive 32X and 36X so I’ll guess that it’s impossible to overclock it to a 40X.

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