IF Plextor 504a = NEC 1100A then Flash with NEC Firmware end

Hi all, :slight_smile:

I’am just wondering I just bought a Plextor 504a when the drive is a NEC ND 1100a could it be possible to use the NEC firmware on the Plextor Drive ???..

Why do I want this…

  1. Because DVD Bitset utillity doesn’t work.
  2. Simple, … To Burn a DVD+R as a DVD-ROM that will play on my
    Panasonic RV32. :bigsmile:

Could this be possible ???

Greetings to all cdfreaks…


The flasher available for the 1100A will not flash the Plextor drive.

That’s write.

I tried that myself… But there must be a way to do this.

Have also a Lite On Burner and it is done for these drives also
maybe somebody know’s how ???