If not Ritek G05 media, then what?

If G05 is that bad, what kind of dye should we be buying as an alternative?

This thread has suggested Taiyo Yuden but, are there a few Taiyo Yuden dyes? TY02 etc? What is the name of the actual dye to aim for?

And manufacturers of DVD-R discs with this dye if any spring to mind?

I must say I’m quite surprised by all this news that G05 is bad, I have burnt hundreads of Ridisc and Ritek branded DVD-R’s with G05 dye now with only a handfull of bad results.

Many thanks

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The manufacturer identification codes (a.k.a. MID) that you have seen, such as TYG02, YUDEN000 T02, are not just a code for the dye used but for the disc characteristics as a whole.

Usually it will also tell you something about who manufactured the disc, but there are unfortunately many known instances of fake MID, and Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi (Verbatim) MIDs are among those most frequently faked.

You can get unbranded Taiyo Yuden media from many on-line retailers such as Rima in the US, Blankmedia in Canada, SVP in the UK etc.

You can also see The Taiyo Yuden FAQ which is a sticky thread in this forum.

Its not the initial burn with G05 media that you need to look for. Its how long it lasts. A few months and they will most likely be unreadable.

4x -R = TYG01
4x +R = Yuden000 t01
8x -R = TYG02
8x +R = Yuden000 t02
16x -R = TYG03
16x +R = Yuden000 t03

The 8x media is generally considered the best of the lot. But you cant go wrong with TY media really. (well unless youre using an LG 4167b with TYG01 as it wont write to it properly).

Nice one, Drage :wink: :slight_smile:

YUDEN000 T02 is my personal favourite (8x +R). Particularly, Verbatim-branded ones, but any T02 will do!

There are different Taiyo Yuden MIDs…your best bet is to have a look at the Taiyo Yuden FAQ sticky at the top of the forum.

You may want to try a few, to see what your burner and firmware likes best.

Unbranded Taiyo Yuden is the best bet. I consider all TY dyes to be very good, but aim for 8x dvd-r or 8x dvd+r if possible.

Taiyo Yuden has the following dyes:



Other possibilities are Mitsubishi discs under the Verbatim brand (Don’t go near the Pearl White discs!). These have the following codes:


MCC004 16X DVD+R

All of the above mentioned discs are considered to be very good, but for the Verbatim discs try to get Made in Taiwan rather than Made in India spindles as the Taiwan ones are more consistent.

Currently, the best of the Verbatim 16X +R discs are made by CMC. These can be identified by the larger non-tapering center hub on the case. Also, the purple on the label is lighter than the Prodisc. Officemax has these on sale for $15 per 50 quite often. Currently Micro Center has them on sale as well.

I find the most easiest, most reliable method to differentiate between Prodisc and CMC made MCC is to look at the OPEN/CLOSE on the top of the cakebox. On CMC cakeboxes, the OPEN/CLOSE is in a Times New Roman style font, while on Prodisc cakeboxes, the OPEN/CLOSE is a more standard bold arial style font.

But if you’re method works for you, that’s fine too. :cool:

Great method! :bow: Thank you, this is really the easiest way to find out :clap:


Glad to be of assistance! :slight_smile:

What about the rectangle?
(I’ve seen Pearl Whites in a Prodisc-new-style cakebox made by CMC, the spacer disc at the bottom had “Protect Disc” not in serifs but in a font similar to MS Gothic.)

If not Ritek G05 media, then MCC 03RG20 or MCC 004. :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “Pearl Whites”?

Is this referring to the centre plastic of the disc being frosted or something?

No, “Pearl White” is a Verbatim product line, only available in some European countries.
A frosted hub is a sign of TY or MBI media.

Or unless you’re using BTC burners.

While BTC handles all other discs quite nicely, it performs just ghastly on TY DVD-R media. Bad burns and tons of coasters. The YUDEN DVD+R discs are fine, however.

The BTC1004 is by far the worst offender when it comes to the BTC/TY combination.

What about LG GSA-4167B on YUDEN000 T01 and LG GSA-H10A/H10N on TYG01?

I found my 4167B only wanted to burn my T01 at something like 2x…but the resulting LiteOn scan was very nice. I only burned the one disc though, so who knows what subsequent burns would have looked like.

Couldn’t tell you about TYG01 or the other LG models you mentioned.