If Nero loads slow under XP, read on

I just posted the article If Nero loads slow under XP, read on.

Buzby used our newssubmit to tell us that he has found a solution for people that have installed Nero on their Windows XP system and suffer a slow loading time…

I’ve found this in…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2833-If-Nero-loads-slow-under-XP-read-on.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2833-If-Nero-loads-slow-under-XP-read-on.html)

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good fix! Nero doesn’t take 30 seconds to load anymore :slight_smile:


Holy crap. that is one of the best tweaks yet! thanks man!

Whoa, that is fast! Kick ass tweak! :8

Roxio should be shot… Fuckin’ piece of shit software…

Nice, it works!! Excellent!! Thanks a lot man!!

very cool tweak.

Indeed very cool. Thanks for the info, worked like a charm! I also disabled some other services but then I couldn’t connect to the internet anymore… :slight_smile:

and i was always wondering why nero took longer to load than normal…sweet :7

Great tweak. Did you guys know there are 2 versions of Win XP? This applies to Win XP Pro only not Home Edition.

It takes my system 7-8 seconds to load Nero Do I still need to use this tweak? What if I install Easy CD Creator 5.02b Platinum? I have also installed ASPI for WinXP. Any comments about above will be appreciated

My Nero crashed nomatter what. I found out I could unplug my networking cable and everything went smooth. Who said XP SpyWare? But that couldn’t be true, so I wrote Nero and they was aware of this problem to some extend. They suggested to run Nero as a limited user, but that didn’t do the trick here. Then (desparate as I was) I tried Win2000 comp. mode. Now Nero works fine again - even with network enabled :wink:

Worked like a charm instant on instead of dragging…on forever.

Worked like a charm instant on instead of dragging…on forever.