If my movie already fits on a dvdr can i use dvd2one to reauthor it?



i have one or 2 dvdr backups that do not play properly and i think this may be down to bad authoring , what i have done in the past is rip the files from the dvdr and then run them thru dvd2one , my theory is that if the movie already fits on a dvdr then dvd2one will only do the authoring bit and when the movie has been done its a working copy i have in the end .
Now when i do this to repair a movie that dont play am i only authoring it with dvd2one because the film already fits on a dvdr or am i actually re-encoding the movie again and probably losing quality ? I ahve found the movie files always come out the same size .


You are on the right lines.

It will only compress it, if it needs to, so you shouldn’t lose any quality.

I assume you are doing a movie only process and letting DVD2one create new ifos/bups.
If so, another way of achieving the same result is to use IfoEdit.
Just copy the vob files to a new folder and use Ifoedit to create new ifos & get VTS sectors.


is the ifoedit way quicker than dvd2one for achieving this , ifoedit is something i have not used before , dvd2one is so simple i luv it.


Then use DVD2One. IFOEdit is nowhere near as intuitive.