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sigh! I am wearing an ECG monitor just below my chest, it transmitts my Blood pressure/Pulse to a special watch I am wearing. Just walking around town and it shoots up too 115bpm. Right now it just dropped too 55bpm, if I get up its goes 70bpm+. This is real scary for me. The max my heart can cope with before I have heart failure, using the following formula 220 minus my age which equals 187. If it goes below 40bpm I would go into cardiac arrest :frowning: So I have too keep monitoring it. It just dropped down too 54 and then shot upto 61 and back down too 58

My dad and his brother are still causing me distress, as the other nite they both said they were going too kill each other by taking a massive o/d of pills. I just drove my car home and couldnt sleep for 2 days :frowning: They are both still drinking heavily an smoking way too much. My uncle said he had cut right down on Cider and I watched him swallow a 12 ounce glass full of cider in a few seconds, and then he must have got up about 7 times for a topup. The fridge is stocked full of cider and other stuff. I just don’t think they will last till Christmas at this rate. I just hope and pray they will cut down before it’s too late. I guess thats why my heart beat is erratic all the time.

Sorry too post this, but you guys helped me out last time and I need all the support I can get.

I am still posting on the forum and on the main CDFreaks page.

Sorry to read about your current predicament INTERCEPT. I 'm sure everyone on the CD FREAKS forums wish you and your family
all the best and hopes it works out for you. Keep your chin up!!!


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i feel your pain. i know what its like to have family members go crazy. My mom drives me crazy all the time and my dad moved away, so I know what you’re dealing with.

Wish you and your family the best of luck and hope thinhs get worked out.

There’s know emoticon for sympathy. So (shows sympathy)