If it plays local - can it stay local?

On the weekends I listen to a magazine prog on www.npr.org and wonder if its possible to load it to my system for playing in my car

I’ve downloaded StationRipper but it seems to only have a short list of Shoutcast stations

Is there an app out there to record internet radio from my local sound card (mobo) eg anything that plays here / stays here?

thanks in advance

easy to do. many ways of recording the audio. depends on your sound card/device, your OS, and the way u want to save the audio. one way i would do it in xp is go to control panel/sounds an audio devices/audio/sound recording/choose stereo mix and set a recording level. from practice i know that this will record sound direct form my sound card. THEN i get http://www.snapfiles.com/get/pocketvoice.html
and set it up. do a practice run and record some wav or mp3 file.
of course there are MANY ohter ways/apps that can record straight from iradio. audiojack i think is one.

Streambox VCR is able to recording live streams as well…

many thanks

I am running W2K SP4

Is there a app to record this or do I use the Sound Recorder in W2K?


don’t know about win2k, but sound rec. in Xp only records for approx 60sec, i think. so u might need to use a 3rd party program