If it is 160p6s and not 165p6s is it good the same?

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all my hopes to buy in internet crashed, I do not want to bore you with reasons, but it is guilt of argentina laws… :cop: :sad:
So, I must accept what do i find here… :disagree:
As no good enclosures with prolific chipset, no hope to buy a benQ 1650 which is easy and cheap to find. No idea if I can find Pioneer 111d, which anyway do not scan well and I still do not know how to solve this problem nor if it is a great problem, but, about LiteOn, for what i understood, only the 165p6s can compete with these two drives and put the pioneer burn quality and umda 4 togheter with benq scan quality… :stuck_out_tongue:
is this right or am I allucinating? :eek: The fact is that, till now, I can´t find the 165 but yes, very easily, the 160. I would like to know if it is the same drive, same exact quality, but slower, or if I will have some problem, less firmware reliability and flexibility, less hakc, and especially, if it works with oxford 911 chipset enclosure and cypress chipset… :bow:

La unica diferencia entre los dos Lite-ons es que el 165 puede leer y escribir el formato DVD-RAM y el 160, no. Escriben DVDs con la misma calidad.


the only difference between SHM-165P6S and SHW-160P6S is DVD-RAM support, that is an additional feature of the 165. The drive works fine in enclosures with Cypress chipset.


Thanks to the two! Tropic, where are you from? :slight_smile:
Ok for the cypress, which is the at2, and what about the oxford 911, because the enclosure is combo and I want to use it firewire most time because my cpu is really old (pentiumIII 750mhz) and Firewire uses less cpu. Also ram is old, 512 of PC100… :frowning:
Is there a difference in two drives about availability of patched firmware etc.? As I read that many improvements to make the 165 works great are done with the patched firm, or do they work perfectly with original firmwares?

There is experimental firmware available for all the 16**6S drives.
Experimental firmware is fun to play with and sometimes you get a preview of features that are not available in official firmware (yet).

Both my LiteOns are running experimental firmware, so I don’t really know how good the official firmware is compared to the experimental firmware - I like the experimental firmwares just fine. :slight_smile:

@[B]tropic[/B]: Even though I understand what you’re writing, this is an English language forum and you shouldn’t post in other languages here unless you’re willing to provide us with an English translation as well. :wink:

I guess it was a kindness to me as I said to live in argentina… :smiley:
I am having an idea to make it simplier, is there a external version of thes two liteon or of one of the two? In this case I would nor even search an enclosure worring if cypress at2 and oxford911 are good with liteon… :iagree:

There’s a LiteOn SHM-165P6SX but I don’t know if it’s available in the Land of Silver.

Thanks for the info! :clap:
You´re right about land of silver… There also is a legend about holy graal, as it is said Parcifal brought it in the land of silver or something like that, and someone says it is Argentina…